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Interface CastConfig


cast : {
  enable                 : true,
  application_id         : 'A12B45C6'


  • CastConfig



Optional application_id

application_id: undefined | string

The ChromeCast application ID retrieved from Google when a Cast receiver app is registered. To use ChromeCast with player version 6 an higher, it is not necessary to use this option. For versions pre v6, please use ‘121122A0’, or your dedicated ID, in case you want to use a custom ChromeCast receiver app.

Starting with player 6, the application ID needs only be set if you want to use your own custom receiver app. By default, Bitmovin's Cast receiver app is used.

Optional enable

enable: undefined | false | true

ChromeCast support is disabled (false) per default. To enable it, set this attribute to true.

Optional message_namespace

message_namespace: undefined | string

A custom message namespace as defined in the Cast receiver app. To use ChromeCast, it is not necessary to use this option! This is only needed if one wants to create a custom ChromeCast receiver app.

Optional receiverStylesheetUrl

receiverStylesheetUrl: undefined | string

A URL to a CSS file the Chromecast receiver app loads. Can be used to style the receiver app.



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