fun SourceConfig(url: String, type: SourceType)

Creates a new SourceConfig for a given type.

fun SourceConfig(url: String)

Creates a new SourceConfig based on the provided url to a DASH, HLS, SMOOTH or Progressive MP4 source.

fun SourceConfig(adaptiveSource: AdaptiveSource)
fun SourceConfig(progressiveSource: ProgressiveSource)
fun SourceConfig(url: String, type: SourceType, title: String? = null, description: String? = null, posterSource: String? = null, isPosterPersistent: Boolean = false, subtitleTracks: List<SubtitleTrack> = emptyList(), thumbnailTrack: ThumbnailTrack? = null, drmConfig: DrmConfig? = null, labelingConfig: LabelingConfig = LabelingConfig(), vrConfig: VrConfig = VrConfig(), videoCodecPriority: List<String> = emptyList(), audioCodecPriority: List<String> = emptyList(), options: SourceOptions = SourceOptions(), metadata: Map<String, String>? = null)