abstract fun getThumbnail(time: Double): Thumbnail?

Returns a Thumbnail for the provided playback time. Supported thumbnail formats are

  • WebVtt configured via SourceConfig.thumbnailTrack

  • HLS Image Media Playlist in the multivariant playlist

  • DASH Image Adaptation Set as specified in DASH-IF IOP

If a WebVtt thumbnail track is provided, any potential in-manifest thumbnails are ignored. WebVtt and HLS Image Media Playlist thumbnail tracks will start loading once loadingState transitions to LoadingState.Loading. DASH Image Adaptation Set thumbnails are available once the loadingState is LoadingState.Loaded.

This function returns null

  • if the thumbnails were not loaded yet

  • if there are no thumbnails available in the source

  • if there is no thumbnail available at the provided time


  • There is currently no event in place that signals when WebVtt and HLS Image Media Playlist thumbnails are loaded

  • HLS Image Media Playlist and WebVtt thumbnails are only supported for VoD sources