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Default adaptation logic. It uses a hybrid approach that builds on top of the buffer-based rules of AdaptationLogicType.BUFFER_FILL_RATE and adds a prediction algorithm that estimates the download time of segments. Downloads that exceed the expected download time, may be cancelled to prevent stalls.

LOW_LATENCY: "low-latency-v1"

Adaptation logic tailored to low-latency streaming of chunked CMAF live content.

Should only ever be used in combination with chunked_cmaf_streaming.

WISH: "wish"

Based on the paper: M. Nguyen [et al.], "WISH: User-centric Bitrate Adaptation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming on Mobile Devices,"


WISH employs a Weighted Sum model to achieve high QoE for video streaming, while allowing to express preferences that allow to trade off data usage, stall events, and video quality.