interface ProgressiveSourceConfig {
    bitrate?: number;
    label?: string;
    preferred?: boolean;
    type?: string;
    url: string;


bitrate?: number

Can be used to specify which bitrate the a progressive source has. Providing multiple progressive sources with different bitrates allows the users to manually select qualities. Please note that no automatic quality switching will happen.

label?: string

Specifies the label to be displayed in the quality selection in the player’s settings window.

preferred?: boolean

Sets the source/quality which the player will use per default. Should be set to true at only one object within the progressive array. If no element has set this attribute to true, the first object in the array will be used per default.

type?: string

The MIME type of the video file, e.g. “video/mp4” or “video/webm”.

url: string

The URL to the progressive video file.