interface AdobePrimeTimeDRMConfig {
    LA_URL?: string;
    headers?: HttpHeaders;
    indivURL: string;
    keySystemPriority?: string[];
    licenseRequestRetryDelay?: number;
    maxLicenseRequestRetries?: number;
    mediaKeySystemConfig?: Object;
    withCredentials?: boolean;


LA_URL?: string

The URL to the Adobe PrimeTime license server for this content (optional). Can be defined in the configuration or taken out from the video manifest if defined there. If the config URL is defined it has precedence over the URL defined in the manifest.

headers?: HttpHeaders

An object which specifies custom HTTP headers.

indivURL: string

The URL for individualization requests.

keySystemPriority?: string[]

Specify the priority of PrimeTime DRM key system strings for this source. Non-specified strings which the player knows will be put at the end of the list. The first key system string of this list, which is supported on the current platform is used.



licenseRequestRetryDelay?: number

Specifies how long in milliseconds should be waited before a license request should be retried.

maxLicenseRequestRetries?: number

Specifies how often a license request should be retried if was not successful (e.g. the license server was not reachable). Default is 1. 0 disables retries.

mediaKeySystemConfig?: Object

An object which allows to specify configuration options of the DRM key system, such as distinctiveIdentifier or persistentState (refer to MediaKeySystemConfiguration for more details). Please note that these settings need to be supported by the browser or playback will fail.

withCredentials?: boolean

Set to true to send credentials such as cookies or authorization headers along with the license requests. Default is false.