source: {
dash : 'http://path/to/mpd/file.mpd',
vr: {
contentType: bitmovin.player.vr.ContentType.Single,
startPosition: 180,
initialRotation: true,
initialRotateRate: 0.025
interface VRConfig {
    apiControl?: VRControlConfig;
    cardboard?: string;
    contentFieldOfView?: number;
    contentType: VRContentType;
    enableFrameRateMeasurements?: boolean;
    horizontalFieldOfView?: number;
    keyboardControl?: VRKeyboardControlConfig;
    mouseControl?: VRControlConfig;
    restrictedInlinePlayback?: boolean;
    startPosition?: number;
    stereo?: boolean;
    verticalFieldOfView?: number;
    viewingDirectionChangeEventInterval?: number;
    viewingDirectionChangeThreshold?: number;
    viewingWindow?: VRViewingWindowConfig;


apiControl?: VRControlConfig

The api control config.

cardboard?: string

Allows to set a cardboard config as string to adjust the VR/360 rendering to a specific cardboard device. The QR codes on cardboards contain short URLs, which lead to a long URL, e.g. http://google.com/cardboard/cfg?p=CghSZWQgQnVsbBILUmVkIEJ1bGwgVlId7FE4PSWPwnU9KhAAAEhCAABIQgAASEIAAEhCWAA1KVwPPToICtcjPArXIzxQAGAC. The content of parameter p should be used as string.


contentFieldOfView?: number

Specifies the width of the content, stated in degrees.

contentType: VRContentType

Specifies the type of the VR/360 content.

enableFrameRateMeasurements?: boolean

Specifies whether performance measurements shall be enabled or not.

horizontalFieldOfView?: number

Specifies the horizontal field of view in degrees.

keyboardControl?: VRKeyboardControlConfig

The keyboard control config.

mouseControl?: VRControlConfig

The mouse control config.

restrictedInlinePlayback?: boolean

Specifies whether the restricted inline playback shall be used or not.

startPosition?: number

Specifies the starting viewpoint, stated in degrees.

stereo?: boolean

Specifies if the video should start in stereo mode (true) or not (false, default).

verticalFieldOfView?: number

Specifies the vertical field of view in degrees.

viewingDirectionChangeEventInterval?: number

The minimal interval between consecutive VRViewingDirectionChange events.

viewingDirectionChangeThreshold?: number

The threshold in degrees that the viewport can change before the VRViewingDirectionChange event is triggered.

viewingWindow?: VRViewingWindowConfig

Specifies the angles the user can view around within the VR/360 video. Per default, the user has no limitations.