The SourceConfig provided to the load method is invalid. Ensure that the SourceConfig contains at least one valid source URL for any of the supported stream types on the current platform.

Common causes for this error include:

  • play was called before a source has been loaded

  • an empty SourceConfig object, or an object containing only empty strings instead of URLs was provided

  • the SourceConfig object didn't contain dash, hls, progressive or smooth keys

  • the provided source URL is not of type string

    The following examples show a few invalid source objects.

    var config = {
    key: "mykey"
    // If you try to play without loading any source
    var player = new bitmovin.player.Player(document.getElementById('player'), config); // Will cause a SOURCE_INVALID

    // Empty source object.
    source = {};
    player.load(source) // Will cause a SOURCE_INVALID

    source = {
    poster: '',
    player.load(source) // Will cause a SOURCE_NO_SUPPORTED_TECHNOLOGY; // Will cause a SOURCE_INVALID error

    In contrast, the following examples shows a valid source object.


    source = {
    title: 'Art of Motion',
    description: 'What is this event... Parcour?',
    dash: '',
    hls: '',
    progressive: '',
    poster: ''

Troubleshooting steps for an invalid source