The downloaded manifest is invalid.

This error is fired when the downloaded manifest is not valid or could not be parsed. Different stream types might fail because of different validation issues in the manifest.

For DASH, some of common issues are:

  • the XML manifest is not valid, for example, some tags are missing or not closed
  • the XML manifest is valid, but there is no Period tag or the Period tag is empty
  • an unsupported manifest scheme was detected - the supported schemes are SegmentTemplate, SegmentTimeline, SegmentList and SegmentBase

For HLS, some of common issues are:

  • the master playlist does not contain any variant playlists
  • the variant playlist does not contain any segments
  • the master playlist does not contain codec information and probing the codec from the segments failed

One common failure reason is that an incorrect key was specified in the SourceConfig. For example, specifying an hls source in the source config, but inserting a URL to a DASH manifest instead, would cause this error to be thrown.

Please check for the above issues in the manifest and also consider validating the manifest with a validation tool.

Troubleshooting steps for manifest invalid error

  • Try using a stream validation tool to validate that there is no issue with the stream, e.g. the mediastreamvalidator for HLS streams
  • For a DASH stream you can try running the DASH Industry Conformance Tool. It can help spot and identify issues with the stream
  • Refer to our article for using stream validation tools for MPEG-DASH and HLS streams on the documentation page