The manifest could not be loaded.

The manifest network request failed, please check the network request's response for the failure reason. In case an HLS stream was being loaded, this error can occur when the master playlist request or any of the initial variant playlist requests failed.

The detailed failure reason can be found in the network request's response.

This error is only triggered after the manifest request has failed a certain number of times, based on the max_mpd_retries. By default, manifest requests are retried 2 times.

Troubleshooting steps for could not load manifest

  • You can try to see what responses are returned for the manifests either in the network tab of the device or by configuring the preprocessHttpResponse in your player config as seen in the example below.

      var config = {
    network: {
    preprocessHttpResponse: function(type, response) {
    if (type === bitmovin.player.HttpRequestType.MANIFEST_DASH ||
    type === bitmovin.player.HttpRequestType.MANIFEST_HLS_MASTER ||
    type === bitmovin.player.HttpRequestType.MANIFEST_HLS_VARIANT
    ) {
    // Here you can track all the relevant information, such as status.
    console.log('Reply for manifest', response.status, response);

    return Promise.resolve(response);