No supported Fairplay Key System is available.

This error occurs when an attempt is made to play back a Fairplay protected stream on a platform that doesn't support any of the required Fairplay Key Systems.

Please try to use a different DRM key system that is supported by the current platform. It is possible, and recommended, to define more than one key system configuration in the DRMConfig. The player will then choose the first key system, that is supported by the platform, and use it to play back the content.

A feature matrix, describing what DRM key systems are supported where by the Bitmovin Player, can be found at https://bitmovin.com/docs/player/articles/browser-drm-support.

Troubleshooting steps for DRM support on a platform

  • Make sure the platform supports the DRM configuration by checking the response from getSupportedDRM

    // Not supported device
    ['com.widevine.alpha'] // Response will vary between device capabilities

    // Supported device
    ['com.apple.fairplay', 'com.apple.fps.1_0', 'com.apple.fps.2_0']
  • Verify that you are serving your content via https and that the license URLs are also hosted via https. Playback via not secure content will get blocked in certain browsers due to security reasons. This can be seen by inspecting the network tab in your browser. Some browsers also log a message in the console informing that a specific request was blocked due to mixed content. You can serve your content via https and make sure your license provider URL is accessed via https.

  • Check if you can customize your DRM config to match one of the example configurations for Fairplay seen here

  • Further steps involve enabling logging and checking what error message can be seen in the logs