data class TweaksConfig(timeChangedInterval: Double, bandwidthEstimateWeightLimit: Int, languagePropertyNormalization: Boolean, localDynamicDashWindowUpdateInterval: Double?, useFiletypeExtractorFallbackForHls: Boolean, useDrmSessionForClearPeriods: Boolean, shouldEmitAllPendingMetadataOnStreamEnd: Boolean, shouldApplyTtmlRegionWorkaround: Boolean) : Parcelable

This configuration is used as an incubator for experimental features. Tweaks are not officially supported and are not guaranteed to be stable, i.e. their naming, functionality and API can change at any time within the tweaks or when being promoted to an official feature and moved into its final configuration namespace.


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fun TweaksConfig(timeChangedInterval: Double = DEFAULT_TIME_CHANGED_EVENT_INTERVAL, bandwidthEstimateWeightLimit: Int = DEFAULT_BANDWIDTH_ESTIMATE_WEIGHT_LIMIT, languagePropertyNormalization: Boolean = true, localDynamicDashWindowUpdateInterval: Double? = null, useFiletypeExtractorFallbackForHls: Boolean = false, useDrmSessionForClearPeriods: Boolean = false, shouldEmitAllPendingMetadataOnStreamEnd: Boolean = false, shouldApplyTtmlRegionWorkaround: Boolean = true)


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object Companion


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var bandwidthEstimateWeightLimit: Int
Constantly aggregated and weighted bandwidth samples are summed up to this weight limit to calculate an bandwidth estimation.
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var exoPlayerCache: Cache? = null
A cache instance that is used by the player in read-only mode.
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var languagePropertyNormalization: Boolean = true
Specifies if the language property on DASH Representations, HLS Renditions and SmoothStreaming QualityLevels is normalized.
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var localDynamicDashWindowUpdateInterval: Double? = null
The interval in which dynamic DASH windows are updated locally.
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var shouldApplyTtmlRegionWorkaround: Boolean = true
Specifies whether default positioning values should be assumed when parsing TTML regions in case of unsupported TTML features.
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var shouldEmitAllPendingMetadataOnStreamEnd: Boolean = false
Specifies if PlayerEvent.Metadatas should be emitted for pending metadata when reaching the end of a stream.
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var timeChangedInterval: Double
The frequency in seconds the TimeChanged will be fired.
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var useDrmSessionForClearPeriods: Boolean = false
Specifies whether a DRM session should be used for clear tracks of type video and audio.
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var useFiletypeExtractorFallbackForHls: Boolean = false
Specifies if the player should always fall back to an extractor matching the file type, if no matching extractor was found.

Inherited functions

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abstract fun describeContents(): Int
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abstract fun writeToParcel(p0: Parcel, p1: Int)