Package com.bitmovin.player.api


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data class LicensingConfig(delay: Int) : Parcelable
Configures the behaviour of the license evaluation.
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data class PlaybackConfig(isAutoplayEnabled: Boolean, isMuted: Boolean, isTimeShiftEnabled: Boolean, videoCodecPriority: List<String>, audioCodecPriority: List<String>, isTunneledPlaybackEnabled: Boolean, seekMode: SeekMode, forcedSubtitleCallback: ForcedSubtitleCallback?) : Parcelable
Configures the playback behaviour of the player.
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interface Player : EventEmitter<Event> , RemoteControlApi
Loads, controls and renders audio and video content represented through Sources.
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data class PlayerConfig(key: String?, styleConfig: StyleConfig, playbackConfig: PlaybackConfig, licensingConfig: LicensingConfig, advertisingConfig: AdvertisingConfig, remoteControlConfig: RemoteControlConfig, adaptationConfig: AdaptationConfig, networkConfig: NetworkConfig, liveConfig: LiveConfig, tweaksConfig: TweaksConfig, bufferConfig: BufferConfig) : Parcelable
Configures a new Player instance.
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enum SeekMode : Enum<SeekMode> , Parcelable
Represents the mode the player uses to seek.
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data class TweaksConfig(timeChangedInterval: Double, bandwidthEstimateWeightLimit: Int, languagePropertyNormalization: Boolean, localDynamicDashWindowUpdateInterval: Double?, useFiletypeExtractorFallbackForHls: Boolean, useDrmSessionForClearPeriods: Boolean, shouldEmitAllPendingMetadataOnStreamEnd: Boolean, shouldApplyTtmlRegionWorkaround: Boolean) : Parcelable
This configuration is used as an incubator for experimental features.