Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

None: "none"

Ad tags will be downloaded by the Player in order to provide advanced features like preloading ad tags and VAST 4.1 AdVerifications parsing.

Vast: "vast"

VAST tags will be downloaded by the IMA SDK, which will deactivate some features that are available with None:

VastAndVmap: "vastandvmap"

In addition to Vast, VMAP tags will also be downloaded by the IMA SDK. This will lead to the Advertising API being severely limited for VMAP tags:

  • Ad breaks will not be reflected via list
  • discardAdBreak will not be supported
  • downloadTiming will not be supported
  • VMAP tracking will not work
  • VAST ad tags can not be scheduled anymore after a VMAP tag has sucessfully been loaded by the IMA SDK
  • Consistent event order can not be guaranteed

This mode should only be used if absolutely necessary.