Configuration object for the LinearAd Ui.

In case the bitmovin-player-ui is used, available from, message placeholders such as: {remainingTime}, {adDuration} or {playedTime} are available to customize the ad messages:

message: 'This ad will end in {remainingTime}',
untilSkippableMessage: 'This ad is skippable in {remainingTime}',
skippableMessage: 'You can skip this ad now.'
interface LinearAdUiConfig {
    message?: string;
    requestsUi?: boolean;
    skippableMessage?: string;
    untilSkippableMessage?: string;


message?: string

Message that gets displayed while an ad is active.

requestsUi?: boolean

Specifies whether the ads need a UI.

skippableMessage?: string

Message that gets diplayed after the ad becomes skippable.

untilSkippableMessage?: string

Message that gets displayed while a skippable ad is not yet skippable.