interface LogsConfig {
    bitmovin?: boolean;
    level?: LogLevel;
    onLog?: LogCallback;


bitmovin?: boolean

Enable (true, default) or disable the Bitmovin credits in the browser's console.

level?: LogLevel

Sets the log level for debug output, warnings and errors sent to the browser console.

Please note that especially DEBUG but also LOG level should not be used for production environments as this can decrease performance, especially for long-term playback, due to the amount of log messages.

Available values are:

  • bitmovin.player.LogLevel.DEBUG
  • bitmovin.player.LogLevel.LOG
  • bitmovin.player.LogLevel.WARN (default)
  • bitmovin.player.LogLevel.ERROR
  • bitmovin.player.LogLevel.OFF
onLog?: LogCallback

This callback will be called for every message that would be logged to the console regardless of the configured log level.