The DRM license request failed.

This error occurs when a DRM license request fails and the player could not retrieve a valid license from the license server. It can occur for a multitude of different reasons, but the most common ones include:

  • the license server rejecting the license request, possible due to a misconfiguration or missing/expired tokens
  • an incorrect DRM configuration being used, especially on smart TVs or set-top boxes, and preparing of the license request therefore failing

Troubleshooting steps for license requests rejected by the DRM license server include:

  • making sure that the license server is set up properly, e.g. that CORS allows license requests from different domains
  • inspecting the detailed error message which is usually returned by the license server in the body of the license response
  • ensuring, that all required HttpHeaders are set in the DRMConfig and e.g. tokens are valid and not expired

Some smart TVs also need special configuration options for PlayReady protected content playback. For example, most platforms required both plaintextChallenge and utf8message to be set, along with Content-Type headers. If those options are not set, DRM license requests may fail.

An example of such a PlayReadyDRMConfig, that needs to be used on most smart TVs, is shown below.

utf8message: true,
plaintextChallenge: true,
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'text/xml',