Replaced by the Warning DRM_RESTRICTED_OUTPUT

The DRM protected content cannot be played back due to the device not being able to securely present the content.

This error can occur when an attempt is made to play back DRM protected content on a device or platform that is not capable of playing back the content in a secure manner. In most cases, this error occurs when a non-HDCP-capable monitor is connected to the system.

The security level required to play back DRM protected content can also be configured on the DRM license server side. In order to lessen the required security level, and to e.g. allow content playback on platforms that for example don't support hardware decryption, please contact you DRM provider.

Since 8.138.0 The player will only fire a warning event for the DRM key which is restricted and try to fall back to a different key. Only after all keys have been exhausted a SOURCE_ERROR will be thrown.