The options to be used for initializing BitmovinCastManager

  • ID of receiver application. Using nil value will result in using the default application ID.

  • Custom namespace. Using nil value will result in using the default message namespace.

  • Whether sessions should not be suspended when the sender application goes into the background.

    This flag should be used in case the cast session should attempt to stay connected to the application while the application moves to background. This enables actions on the active cast session like play and pause when the app is in background.


    It is appropriate to set this to true in applications that are able to maintain network connections indefinitely while in the background, otherwise the connection to cast receiver may be lost. For applications without the requirement to interact with the cast session while in background, this should be set to false to ensure suspending and re-establishing connection between the sender and receiver.

    Default is false

  • Specifies when cast devices discovery starts.

    • Also specifies when the local network access permission prompt will be displayed.


    See CastDeviceDiscoveryMode for possible values.

    Default is .castManagerInitialization