public final class LoggingConfig : NSObject

This component enables configuration of logging globally in the SDK through assigning a logger.

Logging can be configured through the assigned logger in multiple ways. By setting the logger to nil logging can be disabled. A minimum log level is also set in the assigned logger. The minimum log level is used to filter log output.

The default value for the logger is an instance of ConsoleLogger. Instead of the ConsoleLogger, a custom logger can be assigned for receiving log entries. A custom logger would need to apply its own filtering based on level. This level-based filtering is applied by default in the ConsoleLogger.

To configure logging, access this config via DebugConfig.logging. Refer to Logger, LogLevel, LogEntry, ConsoleLogger and DebugConfig for more details.

  • The logger that receives log entries and can optionally provide log output.

    Default value is an instance of ConsoleLogger which prints log entries to the console. Set the logger to nil to disable logging completely.



    public var logger: Logger?