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Interface SourceConfig

The source object is passed into PlayerAPI.load to load a new source.


  dash: 'http://path/to/mpd/file.mpd',
  hls: 'http://path/to/hls/playlist/file.m3u8',
  progressive: [{
    url: 'http://path/to/mp4',
    type: 'video/mp4',
    bitrate: 500000,
    label: 'Low'
  }, {
    url: 'http://path/to/another-mp4',
    type: 'video/mp4',
    bitrate: 1000000,
    label: 'Mid'
    preferred: true
  }, {
    url: 'http://path/to/another-mp4',
    type: 'video/mp4',
    bitrate: 2500000,
    label: 'High'
  poster: 'images/poster.jpg',
  subtitleTracks: [{
    url: 'http://path/to/subtitles/vtt/file.vtt',
  thumbnailTrack: {
    url: 'http://path/to/thumbnail/vtt/file.vtt',
  drm: {
    widevine: {
      LA_URL: 'https://mywidevine.licenseserver.com/'
    playready: {
      LA_URL: 'https://myplayready.licenseserver.com/'
  labeling: {
    hls: {
      qualities: (quality) => {
        return quality.height + 'p';
    dash: {
      qualities: (quality) => {
        return quality.height + 'p';


  • SourceConfig



Optional analytics

analytics: AnalyticsConfig

Bundled Bitmovin Analytics Configuration used to specify per-stream metadata and other settings.

Optional dash

dash: undefined | string

The URL to the MPEG-DASH manifest file (MPD, Media Presentation Description) for the video to play. The file has to be a valid MPD.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

The description of the video source.

Optional drm

The DRM object should be included into the source object.

Optional hls

hls: undefined | string

An URL to an HLS playlist file (M3U8). The file has to be a valid M3U8 playlist.

Optional labeling

Labeling config for the different stream types.

Optional metadata

metadata: undefined | object

Optional custom metadata. Also sent to a cast receiver on the load call.

Optional options

An object specifying advanced source specific options.

Optional poster

poster: undefined | string

The URL to a preview image displayed until the video starts. Make sure JavaScript is allowed to access it, i.e. CORS (for the HTML5/JavaScript player) must be enabled and a crossdomain.xml has to be there if it’s not the same server as the website.

Optional progressive

progressive: string | ProgressiveSourceConfig[]

An Array of objects to video files, used for progressive download as fallback. Is only used when all other methods fail. Multiple progressive files can be used, e.g. .mp4 and .webm files to support as many browsers as possible.

Optional smooth

smooth: undefined | string

An URL to a SmoothStreaming manifest file (xml or ismc). The file has to be a valid smooth streaming manifest file.

Optional subtitleTracks

subtitleTracks: SubtitleTrack[]

An array of external subtitle tracks.

Optional thumbnailTrack

thumbnailTrack: ThumbnailTrack

A thumbnail track. Note: An externally set thumbnail track has precedence over thumbnail tracks found in the stream itself.

Optional title

title: undefined | string

The title of the video source.

Optional vr

Configuration for VR and omnidirectional (360°) video.

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