Package-level declarations

Contains API to configure buffer behavior.


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interface BufferApi

Provides the means to configure buffer settings and to query the current buffer state. Accessible through Player.buffer.

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data class BufferConfig(var audioAndVideo: BufferMediaTypeConfig = BufferMediaTypeConfig(), var startupThreshold: Double = 2.5, var restartThreshold: Double = 5.0) : Parcelable

Configures buffer settings for media types defined in MediaType.

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data class BufferLevel(val level: Double = -1.0, val targetLevel: Double = -1.0, val media: MediaType, val type: BufferType)

Contains buffer information relative to the current time of the Player.

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data class BufferMediaTypeConfig(var forwardDuration: Double = 50.0) : Parcelable

Configures buffer target levels for different MediaTypes.

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Represents the type of buffer level.