object Companion


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Returns the currently active OfflineConfig.


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fun getOfflineContentManager(sourceConfig: SourceConfig, location: String, id: String, listener: OfflineContentManagerListener, context: Context, resourceIdentifierCallback: ResourceIdentifierCallback? = null): OfflineContentManager

Gets a OfflineContentManager for the given parameters. A root folder needs to be provided in location. Multiple OfflineContentManager can have the same root folder. id has to contain an identifier for this source that is unique within the location and must never change. The root folder will contain a folder based on this id. A ResourceIdentifierCallback can be provided to uniquely identify resources if URLs in a downloaded source change.

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Sets the download service class which should be used. It is not allowed to change the download service after it was set once. This includes using this method or generating an OfflineContentManager by calling OfflineContentManager.getOfflineContentManager. downloadServiceClass must extend BitmovinDownloadService.

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fun setOfflineConfig(context: Context, offlineConfig: OfflineConfig)

Sets a OfflineConfig which can be used to configure the behaviour of the offline content feature. Default value is a default OfflineConfig. If the DeviceStateRequirements in the OfflineConfig change, the download service will be notified to reload them using the provided context.