data class PlayerConfig(val key: String? = null, var styleConfig: StyleConfig = com.bitmovin.player.api.ui.StyleConfig(), var playbackConfig: PlaybackConfig = PlaybackConfig(), var licensingConfig: LicensingConfig = LicensingConfig(), var advertisingConfig: AdvertisingConfig = AdvertisingConfig(), var remoteControlConfig: RemoteControlConfig = RemoteControlConfig(), var adaptationConfig: AdaptationConfig = AdaptationConfig(), var networkConfig: NetworkConfig = NetworkConfig(), var liveConfig: LiveConfig = LiveConfig(), var tweaksConfig: TweaksConfig = TweaksConfig(), var bufferConfig: BufferConfig = BufferConfig()) : Parcelable

Configures a new Player instance. Must not be modified after it was used to create a Player instance.


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constructor(key: String)
constructor(key: String? = null, styleConfig: StyleConfig = com.bitmovin.player.api.ui.StyleConfig(), playbackConfig: PlaybackConfig = PlaybackConfig(), licensingConfig: LicensingConfig = LicensingConfig(), advertisingConfig: AdvertisingConfig = AdvertisingConfig(), remoteControlConfig: RemoteControlConfig = RemoteControlConfig(), adaptationConfig: AdaptationConfig = AdaptationConfig(), networkConfig: NetworkConfig = NetworkConfig(), liveConfig: LiveConfig = LiveConfig(), tweaksConfig: TweaksConfig = TweaksConfig(), bufferConfig: BufferConfig = BufferConfig())


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@SerialName(value = "adaptation")
var adaptationConfig: AdaptationConfig

Configures adaptation logic. A default AdaptationConfig is set initially.

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@SerialName(value = "advertising")
var advertisingConfig: AdvertisingConfig

Configures advertising functionality. A default AdvertisingConfig is set initially.

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@SerialName(value = "buffer")
var bufferConfig: BufferConfig

Configures buffer settings. A default BufferConfig is set initially.

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val key: String? = null

A Bitmovin license key that can be found in the Bitmovin portal. If a license key is set here, it will be used instead of the license key found in the app manifest.

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@SerialName(value = "licensing")
var licensingConfig: LicensingConfig

Configures license evaluation. A default LicensingConfig is set initially.

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@SerialName(value = "live")
var liveConfig: LiveConfig

Configures behaviour when playing live content.

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Configures network request manipulation functionality. A default NetworkConfig is set initially.

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@SerialName(value = "playback")
var playbackConfig: PlaybackConfig

Configures playback behaviour. A default PlaybackConfig is set initially.

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@SerialName(value = "remotecontrol")
var remoteControlConfig: RemoteControlConfig

Configures remote playback functionality. A default RemoteControlConfig is set initially.

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@SerialName(value = "style")
var styleConfig: StyleConfig

Configures visual presentation and behaviour of the Player UI. A default com.bitmovin.player.api.ui.StyleConfig is set initially.

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@SerialName(value = "tweaks")
var tweaksConfig: TweaksConfig

Configures experimental features. A default TweaksConfig is set initially.