data class VrConfig(var vrContentType: VrContentType? = VrContentType.None, var isStereo: Boolean = false, var startPosition: Double = 0.0, var viewingDirectionChangeEventInterval: Double = 0.25, var viewingDirectionChangeThreshold: Double = 5.0, var viewingWindow: VrViewingWindowConfig = VrViewingWindowConfig()) : Parcelable

Configures VR functionality of a Source.


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constructor(parcel: Parcel)
constructor(vrContentType: VrContentType? = VrContentType.None, isStereo: Boolean = false, startPosition: Double = 0.0, viewingDirectionChangeEventInterval: Double = 0.25, viewingDirectionChangeThreshold: Double = 5.0, viewingWindow: VrViewingWindowConfig = VrViewingWindowConfig())


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@SerialName(value = "stereo")
var isStereo: Boolean

Whether the video starts in stereo mode. Default is false.

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The starting viewpoint, stated in degrees.

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The minimal interval between consecutive PlayerEvent.VrViewingDirectionChange events in seconds. Default value is 0.25.

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The threshold in degrees that the viewport can change before the PlayerEvent.VrViewingDirectionChange event is emitted. Default value is 5.

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Configures the VR viewing window. Per default, the user has no limitations. Default value is a default VrViewingWindowConfig.

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@SerialName(value = "contentType")
var vrContentType: VrContentType?

The VrContentType of the VR/360 content.