interface AdTagConfig {
    discardAfterPlayback?: boolean;
    fallbackTags?: AdTag[];
    linearAdUiConfig?: LinearAdUiConfig;
    persistent?: boolean;
    replaceContentDuration?: number;
    tag: AdTag;

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discardAfterPlayback?: boolean

Specifies whether ad breaks are discarded after they are played back, played over or tried to be played back but failed due to some condition. When set to false, ad breaks are played again when seeking back to a previous ad break position and never discarded in any of the above cases.

The flag will be ignored when ImaAdTagConfig.passthroughMode is set to ImaPassthroughMode.VastAndVmap

Default is true.

fallbackTags?: AdTag[]

Defines a list of fallback ad tags which will be tried one after the other if the original ad tag does not provide a valid response. The fallback ad tags need to have the same AdTagType as the main tag.

linearAdUiConfig?: LinearAdUiConfig

Holds relevant information for the advertising UI.

persistent?: boolean

If set, the ad tag will be processed and rescheduled automatically when a new source is loaded.

replaceContentDuration?: number

Specifies how many seconds the ad break(s) should replace of the main video content.

tag: AdTag

Defines the url and type of the ad manifest. If the tag is a VAST or VPAID manifest, then more specific scheduling options can be defined in the AdBreakConfig.