interface SegmentRequestFinishedEvent {
    downloadTime: number;
    duration: number;
    httpStatus: number;
    isInit: boolean;
    mimeType: string;
    size: number;
    success: boolean;
    timestamp: number;
    type: PlayerEvent;
    uid: string;
    url: string;

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downloadTime: number

The time needed to finish the request.

duration: number

The expected size of the segment in seconds.

httpStatus: number

The HTTP status code of the request. Status code 0 means a network or CORS error happened.

isInit: boolean

Indicates whether the segment is an init segment (true) or not (false).

mimeType: string

The mimeType of the segment

size: number

The size of the downloaded data, in bytes.

success: boolean

Indicates whether the request was successful (true) or failed (false).

timestamp: number

The time at which this event was fired

Event type, e.g. 'play'

uid: string

The Unique ID of the downloaded segment

url: string

The URL of the request.