Configuration used when the BitmovinModule is used for Advertising

interface BitmovinAdvertisingConfig {
    adBreaks?: AdConfig[];
    adContainer?: (() => HTMLElement);
    companionAdContainers?: (() => HTMLElement[]);
    disableStorageApi?: boolean;
    onSelectAdQuality?: ((suggested, available) => AdMediaFileQuality);
    placeholders?: AdTagPlaceholders;
    strategy?: RestrictStrategy;
    trackers?: Trackers;
    videoLoadTimeout?: number;
    withCredentials?: boolean;

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adBreaks?: AdConfig[]

Defines a collection of ad breaks which will be played at the specified position in each AdBreakConfig.

adContainer?: (() => HTMLElement)

Defines a function which returns a container that is used for displaying ads.

Type declaration

    • (): HTMLElement
    • Returns HTMLElement

companionAdContainers?: (() => HTMLElement[])

Defines a function which returns an array of containers for the ad module to fill with companion ads.

Type declaration

    • (): HTMLElement[]
    • Returns HTMLElement[]

disableStorageApi?: boolean

When set to true, the ad module will be prohibited from using the browser's localStorage.

Defaults to disableStorageApi, if present, and falls back to false.



onSelectAdQuality?: ((suggested, available) => AdMediaFileQuality)

Receives quality that would be picked by player and list of all available qualities and returns selected quality.

Type declaration

placeholders?: AdTagPlaceholders

List of placeholder strings that will be replaced in the ad manifest URL with the corresponding values.



strategy?: RestrictStrategy

Defines an object with two functions which will be called if an ad break is about to start or when ads are seeked over. If this property is not set manually, then only the last ad that was seeked over will be played.

trackers?: Trackers

Defines tracker configurations for the relevant packages such as the Open measurement which will be loaded to provide additional tracking information for ads.

videoLoadTimeout?: number

Specifies the amount of milliseconds before the loading of an ad from a given ad manifest times out. Default is 8000.

withCredentials?: boolean

Specifies whether to send credentials such as cookies or authorization headers along with the ad requests. The server needs to explicitly accept them for CORS requests, otherwise the request will fail. Default is true.