Holds various additional ad data. Refer to ImaAdData or BitmovinAdData for more information on what additional data is available when using our Google IMA SDK implementation or our native VAST implementation.

interface ImaAdData {
    adDescription?: string;
    adSystem?: AdSystem;
    adTitle?: string;
    advertiser?: Advertiser;
    apiFramework?: string;
    bitrate?: number;
    codec?: string;
    creative?: Creative;
    dealId?: string;
    delivery?: string;
    maxBitrate?: number;
    mediaFileId?: string;
    mimeType?: string;
    minBitrate?: number;
    minSuggestedDuration?: number;
    pricing?: AdPricing;
    survey?: AdSurvey;
    traffickingParameters?: any;
    wrapperAdIds?: string[];

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adDescription?: string

A longer description of the ad. Specified in InLine.Description in the VAST response.

adSystem?: AdSystem

The ad system that returned the ad. Specified in InLine.AdSystem in the VAST response.

adTitle?: string

A common name for the ad. Specified in InLine.AdTitle in the VAST response.

advertiser?: Advertiser

The advertiser as defined by the ad serving party. Specified in InLine.Advertiser in the VAST response.

apiFramework?: string

Identifies the API needed to execute an interactive media file or communicate with the creative. Specified in MediaFile.apiFramework for linear ads or NonLinear.apiFramework for non-linear ads in the VAST response.

bitrate?: number

The average bitrate of the progressive media file as defined in the VAST response.

codec?: string

The codec used to encode the file which can take values as specified by https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4281. Specified in MediaFile.codec in the VAST response.

creative?: Creative

Contains various data about the Creative. Specified in InLine.Creative or Wrapper.Creative in the VAST Response.

dealId?: string

The first deal ID present in the wrapper chain for the ad, starting from the top.

delivery?: string

Either 'progressive' for progressive download protocols or 'streaming' for streaming protocols. Specified in MediaFile.delivery in the VAST response.

maxBitrate?: number

The maximum bitrate of the streaming media file as defined in the VAST response.

mediaFileId?: string

The media file ID. Specified in MediaFile.id in the VAST response.

mimeType?: string

The MIME type of the media file or creative as defined in the VAST response.

minBitrate?: number

The minimum bitrate of the streaming media file as defined in the VAST response.

minSuggestedDuration?: number

The minimum suggested duration that the creative should be displayed. Specified in NonLinear.minSuggestedDuration in the VAST response.

pricing?: AdPricing

Used to provide a value that represents a price that can be used by real-time bidding (RTB) systems. Specified in Inline.Pricing in the VAST response.

survey?: AdSurvey

URI to any resource relating to an integrated survey. Specified in InLine.Survey in the VAST response.

traffickingParameters?: any
wrapperAdIds?: string[]

The IDs of the Wrapper ads, starting at the InLine ad and ending at the outermost Wrapper ad. Contains an empty array if there are no Wrapper ads.