interface ClearKeyDRMServerConfig {
    LA_URL: string;
    headers?: HttpHeaders;
    licenseRequestRetryDelay?: number;
    maxLicenseRequestRetries?: number;
    withCredentials?: boolean;


LA_URL: string

A URL to the ClearKey license server for this content.

headers?: HttpHeaders

An object which specifies custom HTTP headers.

DRMtoday by castLabs Specific Example:

headers : {
licenseRequestRetryDelay?: number

Specifies how long in milliseconds should be waited before a license request should be retried.

maxLicenseRequestRetries?: number

Specifies how often a license request should be retried if it was not successful (e.g. the license server was not reachable). Default is 1. 0 disables retries.

withCredentials?: boolean

Set to true to send credentials such as cookies or authorization headers along with the license requests. Default is false.