Parts of the AdaptationConfig which can be changed at runtime.

interface DynamicAdaptationConfig {
    limitToPlayerSize?: boolean;
    qualityStabilityBalance?: number;
    resolution?: VideoSizeLimitationConfig;

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limitToPlayerSize?: boolean

Limits the automatically selected quality to the player size, so the player won't select quality levels with a higher resolution than the video element. This is disabled (false) per default.

qualityStabilityBalance?: number

Defines the balance between quality (i.e. bitrate) and stability in a range of [0, 1]. A value of 0 means that the player will aim to play the best possible quality, potentially at the cost of lower playback stability. A value of 1 means that the player will aim for the highest stability with the least amount of stalls, while potentially sacrificing quality. This is only relevant when using the Low Latency adaptation logic.

Default is 0.5.

Lower and upper resolution boundaries. Use 0 for no limitation for minimum selectable width/height and Infinity for no limitation for maximum selectable width/height.