Contains the configuration of the different DRM systems related to the source.


If no Hollywood-grade DRM is required, clear key can be an alternative. The player supports MPEG-CENC (Common Encryption) compatible AES-128 CTR encryption.

Apple Fairplay DRM is supported in Safari on Mac OS X only.

immediateLicenseRequest?: boolean

When set to true, the license requests are made as soon as init data is available. Otherwise, the license requests are made once data segments are pushed into the buffer.

Default is false.

playready?: PlayReadyDRMConfig

Microsoft PlayReady is supported in Edge and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1+.

preferredKeySystems?: string[]

When set, defines the key system priority used by the player to choose the key system if multiple key systems are sypported by the platform. Default is unset.

Allowed key system strings: ['widevine', 'playready', 'fairplay', 'primetime']

Adobe PrimeTime DRM is supported in Firefox 42+ on Windows only.

Widevine Modular is supported in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers with Widevine CDM (e.g. Opera 15+).